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Which New Home Heating System is Right for Minneapolis?

Nov 12 ,2019
Selecting a Furnace For Minneapolis, MN

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For homeowners in Minneapolis, MN, winter can be downright intolerable with freezing temperatures, biting winds and icy snowstorms. The only way you can beat the winter chill is by choosing the best furnace for your home.

Things to Consider When Buying a New Heating System for Your Home

Since a furnace is a major investment and an essential component of your home’s comfort, it is only wise to consider the available options before making your purchase.


The functional efficiency of a furnace can be determined by examining its AFUE rating. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is the measure of heat produced per unit of energy consumed over a year.

Furnaces with an AFUE rating ranging from 90% to 98.5% or 100% (typically in an all-electric appliance) are considered highly efficient. A 90% AFUE rating, for example, means that 90% of the total energy consumed gets converted into usable warmth, which is circulated throughout the home.

Types of Heating Systems

Forced Air Furnace — A forced air system works by taking the inside air through return ducts and delivering the warmed air in every room via a network of supply ducts. The system can use gas, fuel oil or propane as sources of energy.

Hot Water Boiler — A boiler works by heating water, which then flows through pipes (either in the form of steam or hot water), with the heat getting dispersed in the home via radiators. Some common energy sources for boilers are natural gas, oil and wood.

Electric Heat Pumps — A heat pump operates on electricity and works to transfer heat between your house and the outdoor surroundings. A heat pump can be of three types depending on the source of heat collection. The system absorbs heat from the nearby air or geothermal sources and utilizes that warmth inside.

The Size of Your Property

The size, layout and construction influence your home’s heating needs. This, in turn, determines your choice of a properly-sized furnace for your property. While a small furnace will obviously fail to heat your home properly, an oversized furnace will mean overspending! Trust your HVAC professionals to accurately estimate the furnace size for your property.

How to Make Selecting a New Furnace an Easy Choice

  • Furnace Installation — Don’t DIY! A DIY furnace installation seems like a good attempt to save money, but it is exactly the opposite! An improperly installed furnace can be anything from a potential safety threat to an energy-devouring beast that troubles you with recurring performance issues! Installation is a complicated task that requires specific tools, skills and experience to do it right the first time, and one YouTube tutorial can’t offer you any of those!
  • Hire a Certified HVAC Contractor — A convenient and confident way of choosing the right heating system for your home in Minneapolis is to consult with a knowledgeable HVAC contractor. Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning takes your budget, heating needs and all other factors into consideration and helps you make the right decision!

Discuss your heating needs with our experienced HVAC professionals! Call us at (763) 412-1368 and schedule a consultation for your Minneapolis home today!

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