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What Is a Heat Pump?

Nov 28 ,2018
Two large heat pumps working in the winter. Northern’s One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Heat pumps are impressive methods of heating and cooling your home to keep it comfortable throughout the year. You heard that right! Heat pumps are not only methods of heating your home throughout the cold winter, but can also be used throughout the warmer months as a cooling unit. A standard heat pump has two components, one indoors that is the air handler, and an outdoor part. Refrigerant is circulated through a compressor between the two halves, and the machine either absorbs or releases heat into your home based upon your needs. Ingenious, right? But heat pumps also have numerous additional benefits that make them an efficient installation for a property.

Environmental Impact

There are several kinds of heat pumps, but the two we specialize in at Northern’s One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are air-source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps. Something universal about any kind of heat pump is their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Because they move heat instead of generating it, there are far less emissions given off into the atmosphere like carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Specifically with ground-source pumps, you can have a carbon footprint reduction of up to 50%, which is practically unbelievable, and will make a difference for the planet if more people follow suit.

Energy Savings

How enticing is the thought of having more money in your pocket each month from a reduced energy bill? Because heat pumps use electricity to move and produce heat, and they can produce more with less energy, you have the liberty of turning the machine down and seeing the monthly benefits on your statement. With the installation of an air-source heat pump, you are eligible for an Energy-Efficient tax credit. A ground-source heat pump is eligible for a Geothermal tax credit. Additionally, with the ground-source pumps, calculations show that you can lower your bills up to 70% with the installation of one in your home.


These heating and cooling machines have even more benefits. Heat pumps are easy to maintain, and because of how common they are, you will have no trouble finding someone to service it, if need be. You can expect an air-source heat pump to last you 20 years or more in your home, and a ground-source unit to last you over 15. This is practically unheard of, as most furnaces need to be replaced after at least a decade. These machines are built to last.

We Can Help You Select the Best Heat Pump for Your Needs

At Northern’s One-Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help advise you on what model of heat pump would best suit your property’s needs. After you make a choice, we can professionally install it, and will be your one-stop shop for maintenance or other potential issues you run into along the way. Call us today to schedule your heat pump service at 763-412-1197. We are based in Ramsey, MN and serve the Minneapolis area.

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