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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Replacing Your Thermostat

Jul 30 ,2019
How to reduce energy costs by replacing your thermostat.

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Whether it is summer or winter, replacing your old and outdated thermostat can deliver long-lasting cost savings. In fact, when you use trusted brands, you can discover a whole host of savings and other benefits that will make you wonder why you waited so long to call your Minnesota heating and air conditioning experts. Discover all of the benefits today when you choose our professional thermostat services to regain heating and cooling control within your home.

Thermostat Replacement Can Reduce Utility Costs

Did you know that an upgraded thermostat can significantly reduce your utility costs? Malfunctioning and older thermostats can cause your HVAC system to run continuously, which can lead to high energy bills. The good news is that the right programmable thermostat can deliver the following cost-saving benefits.

  • Set your home to the exact temperature that you desire in the day or night.
  • Use your phone to adjust temperatures based on local weather conditions.
  • Create greater in-room control so that you only heat up or cool down select rooms in your home.
  • Save money by setting your home to heat up or cool down at specific times of the day.
  • Increase energy efficiency levels to reduce utility costs on a monthly basis.
  • Use your Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Wink to automatically set your home to “eco mode,” which will set the temperature to the optimal energy efficiency levels throughout the day and night.

Is It Time for a Thermostat Replacement?

If you want to regain heat and AC control within your home, then you probably need to replace your old thermostat. For example, digital thermostats are more accurate, energy efficient, and can often be remotely programmed to adjust your home’s temperature settings while you are away. These remote capabilities are especially helpful during the cold Minnesota winters when you want to save money but don’t want your pipes to burst. Through “eco-friendly” settings, more effective controls, and greater energy efficiency, a thermostat replacement can save you money without sacrificing in-home comfort.

Save Money Today with Increased Heat and AC Control

The right thermostat can make all of the difference in your home. In fact, your trusted Minnesota heating and cooling experts are standing by at Northern’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to help you find the perfect programmable thermostat to meet your unique needs. Whether you want to enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your home’s temperature from your phone or you want to reduce your environmental footprint through increased energy efficiency, our team is ready to help you enjoy all of the cost-saving benefits associated with a thermostat replacement. Contact our team by calling 763-412-1197 or scheduling an appointment online today.

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