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How to Maintain Your Heating System

Jan 23 ,2019
Schedule proper heating system maintenance for the best results.

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There are countless systems in your home that require the occasional tune-up or preventative maintenance. Your plumbing system, for example, can benefit from maintenance and a thorough cleaning every so often. The same goes for your heating system. You must provide proper maintenance, prompt repairs, and the proper cleaning for your furnace or heating unit to operate at peak performance. If you fail to provide a certain level of maintenance for your home’s heater, you’ll find it breaks down far more often. If you want to avoid costly repairs, consider heating maintenance. We recommend finding an expert to handle the job.

Heating Maintenance Checklist

For a household heating system, seasonal maintenance is a necessity. Your heating and cooling system go through a lot of use throughout the year. Over time, dirt and debris may accumulate and the efficiency of the system may lower significantly from month to month. Maintenance will tune up the system adequately.

  • Thermostat – The perfect start to any heating system maintenance: the thermostat. If your furnace kicks on and continues running, nothing is wrong. If the furnace shuts off after a short period, then the system is short cycling. The most common cause is an improperly adjusted thermostat.
  • Ductwork – Schedule an inspection of your heating system ductwork annually. You’ll want a technician to examine for open joints, dust buildup, mold growth, and rust accumulation. These issues can be resolved promptly once discovered.
  • Cleaning – The entire heating system, including the attached ductwork, must be cleaned properly every so often. The rule of thumb is every three years.
  • Blower – Like other portions of the heating system, the blower must be thoroughly cleaned. An HVAC technician can vacuum the blower housing to remove built-up dust and debris.
  • Filters – Each month, you should swap out the air filter on your heating and cooling system. Over time, dust, debris, and pet dander will accumulate in the filter. Then, the system will work overtime to heat your home.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

The furnace is one of the most commonly used types of home heating systems. Despite its prevalence, few homeowners know how to properly maintain a furnace system. Here are a few worthwhile tips to keep your unit running smoothly year-round:

  • Heating Load – Do your very best to reduce your home’s heating load. During the winter, seal up your house with storm windows and use caulk or blow-in insulation to seal air leaks from the outdoors.
  • Vents – A furnace cannot work without a proper ventilation system. Be sure your home’s vents are completely free and clear, meaning move any furniture or rugs away from the opening.
  • Filter – Like all heating and cooling systems, your furnace has a filter that must be properly cleaned or changed regularly. Keep a monthly schedule for the best results.

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