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Heating & Air Conditioning in Maple Grove, MN

AC Repair & Installation Provided to Homes

Heating & Air Conditioning in Maple Grove, MNNorthern’s One Hour Heating is proud to serve Maple Grove, MN, with top quality emergency repair and installation on air conditioning and heating systems. Our team of AC and heating specialists offer affordable maintenance and installation plans as well as prompt and excellent repair services.

Heat & AC Services in Maple Grove

Heating & Air Conditioning Services You Can Count On

High energy bills? We can provide you with expert advice and the most energy efficient air conditioning and heating units. Not only will you save on your heating and cooling bills, but our professional technicians offer quality maintenance and repair services to keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly when you need them most.

Aeroseal Duct Sealing Service

If you suspect an air duct leak, which can be costly in the long-run, we recommend Aeroseal duct sealing in Maple Grove. It’s an investment in your home and health!

Thermostat Replacement

A new thermostat, especially a smart thermostat, can help you better control your HVAC system at home. You’ll be able to set temperatures with ease.

Air Handler Installation

A brand-new air handler is a perfect way to regulate and circulate air throughout the home. With proper installation, you’ll find there are no troubling errors.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to improve indoor air quality by scheduling professional service. We’ll address contaminants, provide air duct cleaning and more to improve your air quality.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

If you wish to cut down on airborne contaminants that keep your employees out of work, we recommend commercial air duct cleaning regularly.

Thermostat Installation & Repair Maple Grove, MN

Today’s thermostats are impressive. With professional thermostat installation and repair, you can control the temperature, timing and more with ease.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Maple Grove, MN

Over the years, your home’s indoor air quality will suffer. To ensure you’re healthy and safe, we offer top indoor air quality testing in Maple Grove, MN.

Air Duct Cleaning Maple Grove, MN

If our indoor air quality test brings up concerns, we also offer air duct cleaning in Maple Grove, MN. Using industry-leading tools, we remove dust, dirt and mold spores from the ductwork.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation Maple Grove, MN

With professional heat pump repair and installation, your home will enjoy more heat with fewer problems in the coming days. Now is your chance to schedule service!

Furnace Installation & Repair Maple Grove, MN

A working furnace is a must-have for any home in Minnesota. It gets too cold during the winter. We’ll ensure yours is in working order fast.

House Generator Repair & Installation Maple Grove, MN

In the event of power loss, having a home generator professionally installed and maintained is a smart move. We’ll ensure you can keep power going to the entire house.

Chill Out With Us

Our air conditioning experts install and service the best air conditioning units so you’re in control of your cooling systems. Our AC services include air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair and maintenance as well as assistance in choosing an air conditioning unit and assessing your indoor air quality.

We’ll Be There, Right Away

We offer 24/7 emergency assistance from our heating and cooling specialists. Contact us now and get on your way to premium air conditioning and heating services.

Don’t delay! Call the experienced professionals at Northern’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning today at 763-412-1368763-412-1197 or 952-236-3391, and say goodbye to your AC and heating problems. We serve entire Maple Grove, MN 55311, 55331, 55369

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