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We are old time customers.  We believe you have always been fair and prompt. Good service and polite employees.


10 is not enough for the three that came to our home.  Doug, Scott, and Jason.  I hope I got all three names right.  Thank You!



Service was prompt & efficient.  Installer was friendly, quick, neat and did a great job.



My first contact with One Hour was through a newspaper ad for a free furnace and air conditioner tune-up.  The very professional, punctual technician showed me how air conditioning fluid had rusted out parts causing carbon monoxide to leak into our home.  We were able to install a new furnace and air conditioner the very next day.  Again, the 2 technicians who did the installation job were outstanding professionals.  The “Comfort Advisor” who counselled me on the system was also excellent.


The technicians are always very helpful. If you have any questions they answer in a way a home owner can understand.  They are also very knowledgeable.



Always on time and careful with your home.  Good Service and knowledgeable about our heat and air systems; also friendly and polite.

Our service check (a/c) serviceman was thorough and explained completely what was done and why replacing a part was necessary – fabulous service- neat, clean, and on time.


Knowledgeable – tooke measurements to get the correct size unit, respectful of my time- had the unit installed in a short period of time so I could take adventage of rebate offers.  Thank you for being kind and courteous!



Furnace Duct Cleaning 5/1/12.  Tech explained the service to my satisfaction.  I believe he did a thorough cleaning as household dust and dirt appears to be minimal now.  He was a pleasant young man and I appreciated his work.


Very courteous and professional service.  Provided various options, no pressure to select any one.  Extremely please with experience.


On time, efficient, pleasant, polite, and got the job done.  Would recommend 100%.

Punctual, thorough, and pleasant, as always!

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