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Not Just ANY Operations Manager

You were born to lead people. People have always told you how incredibly professional you are. You’re a natural born motivator who treats everyone with respect but never tolerates mediocrity. You can’t even count the number of times an employee you supervised said you were their favorite manager they’ve ever had. You make conflict resolution look easy. You can size up a person’s strengths and weaknesses as quickly and accurately as Sherlock Holmes and then place them in a position where they will thrive. Your hiring skills are SO incredible you rarely have to fire anyone. Morale AND sales skyrocket under your leadership and you run a tighter ship than the most celebrated Naval Captain.

That’s stuff you cannot teach, and some employers don’t notice or appreciate. But WE do. We think those qualities make you a superhero.

We need YOU to lead our team.

Do we pay well and give great benefits? You betcha! And you will have a stable job where you never get bored. You may even HAVE a job already, but we know you’ll like THIS one better.

You MUST have at least two years experience in management, five years in operations and have graduated high school.

You will implement policies and procedures, manage profit margin and service expectations for every employee, and make sure we reach the budgeted gross margin. You will train, supervise and motivate all employees to achieve their goals and even develop and implement best operational practices so we are always getting better as a company. You’ll recruit, hire, terminate, discipline and evaluate performance and train field personnel on systems, tools, and procedures utilizing in house training, ride alongs, Success Academy, webinars, and online training programs.

Above all, you will make sure our customers are well taken care of and are always thrilled with our service.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Full-time job
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Health Savings Account
  • Employee discounts
  • Retirement plan
  • Continuing education

You’ll also need to have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook
  • Verifiable managerial, technical, and sales experience in the HVAC field
  • Knowledge of operational functionality of residential and light commercial heating, air conditioning, and ventilation equipment
  • Knowledge of layout, installation, and service requirements for residential and light commercial HVAC
  • Consistent track record of meeting/exceeding annual revenue goals
  • Knowledge of local codes
  • Able to pass a criminal background check and drug test

We believe our EMPLOYEES are our greatest asset, so we want you to be happy and we will always have your back. We expect every one of our employees to be friendly and outgoing with all customers, helpful to colleagues, clean and presentable, upbeat not downcast, positive of mind and not complaining of spirit. This is a FUN place to work, and the people who work here love LIFE. Everyone leaves their troubles at the door when they come to work, and keeps a positive attitude while they’re on the clock.

Oh for sure you can send us your resume, but that would be a bad idea. Anyone skimming through job descriptions and blindly blasting out resumes won’t have made it far enough to read the next paragraph. We have more hardline instructions so we can weed out sloppy, half-hearted and inattentive people.

Simply email us a story about why you’re the perfect fit for Northern One Hour, and make sure you put “#SuperheroManager” in the subject line, or we won’t even read it. Also, tell us a little about yourself, your work experience, education or anything else you think we’d like to know.

This really is a great place to work dontcha know. I’m the owner and I’m willing to do anything to make your career happen if you can bring your incredible attitude and unmatched motivation to the table. You’re gonna have tons of fun, make lots of money and be part of a family.

You’re darn tootin’ this is an amazing job for the right person! This isn’t a place with a lot of turnover. That should tell you something. We don’t lay people off for lack of work. I go to extreme lengths to keep my team employed and happy, ‘cause, well, you’re family.


I look forward to talking to you.

Please drop your interest to:

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