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The Listening Happy Sales Magician

People always tell you how great a listener you are. They confide in you.  Tell you their secrets.  The cool thing is, you have most of ‘em figured out before they tell you.  It’s the little details other people miss.  The keys to making someone truly happy.  You can’t count how many times people have walked away from you happy because you helped them find what they’d been longing for and hadn’t been able to get from anyone else.

And it’s not just that you listen.  You understand that the customer should always be in control of the sale. Other people wonder how you make the sale grind look so easy.  If they only knew how fulfilling it is to see people’s eyes light up with blissful delight day in and day out.  After all, they called you, not the other way around.  It’s not too hard to help them get what they want.

Even more amazing, your co-workers always love you because you’re a team player.  You help them become better at what they do because of your understanding, your listening, your trust, your attitude.  You’re actually happiest in life when you’re selling people things that help them live a better life.

That’s stuff you cannot teach, and some employers don’t notice or appreciate it. But we do. We think they make you a magician. A people wizard. A sales sorcerer. We want every one of our customers to experience that magic when we serve them.  And we want to give you the earning power you can take home, buy what you need, treat yourself, treat your family, and have enough left over to stack some away in the bank.

We need YOU on our team.

Do we pay well and give great benefits? You betcha! And this is a stable job where you never get bored. You won’t be stuck cold calling for leads.  We provide them for you.  You may even HAVE a job already, but we know you’ll like THIS one better.

Large ticket item sales experience is preferred but we specialize in training the right candidates. We’ll teach you the skills others will not. After we’re done training you, you’ll have superpowers you never knew you were capable of. You’ll easily make $100K+. Could be $200K+ if you’re really as good as we’re talking about.  We just need a super hard-working, honest person with discipline and humility that loves making lots of money, ya know?

Salary and Benefits:

  • $100K+ per year
  • Chance to earn as much as you want
  • Health plan
  • Dental plan
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Health Savings Account
  • Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement plan

You’ll need to be:

  • Willing to learn and put in your own time to learn
  • Able to work some weekends
  • Drug-free
  • Able to pass a criminal background check

We believe our EMPLOYEES are our greatest asset, so we want you to be happy and we will always have your back. There is a real future for those who prove themselves indispensable here. You can do that by being friendly and outgoing with all customers, helpful to your colleagues, clean and presentable, upbeat not downcast, positive of mind and not complaining of spirit. This is a FUN place to work, and the people who work here love LIFE. Everyone leaves their troubles at the door when they come to work, and keeps a positive attitude while they’re on the clock.

Oh for sure you can send us your resume, but that would be a bad idea. Anyone skimming through job descriptions and blindly blasting out resumes won’t have made it far enough to read the next paragraph. We have more hardline instructions so we can weed out sloppy, half-hearted and inattentive people.

Simply email us a story about why you’re the perfect fit for Northern One Hour, and make sure you put “#Listening Happy Sales Magician” in the subject line of the email, or we won’t even read it. Also, tell us a little about yourself, your work experience, education or anything else you think we’d like to know.

This really is a great place to work dontcha know. I’m the owner and I’m willing to do anything to make your career happen if you can bring your incredible attitude and unmatched motivation to the table. You’re gonna have tons of fun, make lots of money and be part of a family.

You’re darn tootin’ this is an amazing job for the right person! This isn’t a place with a lot of turnover. That should tell you something. We don’t lay people off for lack of work. The service we provide our Comfort Club members will keep you working and making money for your family year round. I go to extreme lengths to keep my team employed and happy, ‘cause, well, you’re family.


I look forward to talking to you.

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